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Welcome to our 3rd online Art and Photography exhibition from Roding Valley Art Department. 

Usually we would present all of the student's work in a large exhibition in school, however, we have had to find new ways to celebrate the success of our hard working, talented artists. Here you will find a selection of the work from our year 11 GCSE classes and our A Level students for 2022.

The pieces you can see are a selection of coursework and exam units of work from every student. These images are just a tiny snapshot of the work they complete, as prior to this the students will have filled a huge preparatory sketchbook with research, experimentations, ideas development and proposals based on a chosen theme.

Each of these pieces are a personal and meaningful response to the theme and not only show some incredible drawing, painting and photographic skills, but also show deep understanding and meaning.


Students follow 2 extended projects; Natural Forms in year 10 and Human Forms in year 11. IN year 10 students develop their materials skills and learn how to best display their work in their sketchbooks. They are introduced to the works of Andreas Preis for Illustration, Georgia O’Keeffe to develop oil pastel skills, Beatriz Milhazes abstract paintings and William Morris lino printing. 

In year 11, students study the work of Robert Longo, human anatomy, foreshortening and complete the project reinterpreting an Old Master’s work in the same way that Francis Bacon did to Diego Velasquez.


GCSE students carried out 2 pieces of coursework. For coursework one, the theme was Natural Forms. Here the students selected and researched 3 artists from the following list; Marsha Tudor, Liam Wylie, Mike Moats, Karl Blossfeldt, Alyssa Monks, Intro to TV series True Detective.

For their second coursework, themed ManMade, the students selected 3 artists and researched from the following list; Darren Heath, Intro to Luther by director Brian Kirk, Intro to film The Lincoln Lawyer by director Brad Furman, Jacob Reichel, James Burns 'London from the Rooftop' series, Beata Podwysocka, André Kertész, Peter Keetman, Apple Ads photographer Peter Belanger, Angie McMonigal.

A-Level students, in the same way as GCSE, completed 2 comprehensive pieces of coursework. Students were given 6 themes, therefore tailoring their A-Level study to suit the areas of photography that interested them and to suit their next steps of education. Their themes included; Available Light, The Built Environment, Abstract, Moods, Kaleidoscope and Identity/Self Identity.    

You do have the opportunity to rate and comment on our student's work. Click on the image and you can leave feedback here.

I'd like to thank all of these students for their great endeavour over the last 18 months. It was enormously challenging to complete practical work at a distance but, as you can see, most of our students rose to the challenge and have completed work they should be proud to keep. The final grades will reflect these great successes.

We wish you all the best of luck in the next stages of your journey!

Mr Tisdale - Ms Kalair - Mr Baidoo - Mrs Costello - Mr Day



Alicia A - Aydin A - Lorin A - Emily B - Jack C - Tilly C - Grace C - Megan C 

Emily C - Ruby D - Latiah H - Helice H - Hope H - Lily H - Maggie J

Monica J - Selen K - Zahra K - Samuel L - Anna LR - Tanika L - Anna M

Harriett M - Almasi M - Scarlett M - Bronya O - Ralfie P - Ivayla P - Emily P

Simona P - Esther R - Rosie R - Skye SH - Betty S - Boe S - Tayte S - Henry T

Gabriella V - Amelia W - Harry W - Millie W - Ella W 


Photography GCSE

Abigail AF - Kailen A - Huseyin B - Cass C - Joshua C - Tommy C - Jake F - Charlotte F 

Oliver H - Nehir K - Elliot L - Louis L - Zara L - Ruby M - Phoebe M - Olivia N 

Gemma O - Dilar O - Mia P - Selin R - Danny R - Terri R - Georgie S - Cydney S 

Toby S - Hannah T - Jessica T - Demi W - Holly W - Nehir Y 

Art A-Level

Meghan G - Joseph M - Daniela P - Maya R 

Photography GCSE


Photography A-Level

Jada A - Anabel F - Daisy H - Millie M - Edie R - Ella S 


Please do feel free to provide any feedback with regards to our

Online Exhibition to Mr Tisdale 

or to Ms Kalair

Your comments are appreciated.


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