Welcome to the 1st online Art and Photography exhibition from Roding Valley Art Department. Usually we would present all of the student's work in a large exhibition in school, but this year we have had to find new ways to celebrate the success of our hard working, talented artists. So here you will find a selection of the work from our year 11 GCSE classes and our A Level students.

The pieces you can see are the final presentations from our coursework and exam units of work, and prior to this the students will have filled a preparatory sketchbook with research, experimentations, ideas development and proposals based on a chosen theme.

Each of these pieces are a personal and meaningful response to the theme and not only show some incredible drawing, painting and photographic skills, but also show deep understanding and meaning.

I'd like to thank all of these students for their great endeavour over the last 18 months. It was enormously disappointing for us that we had such an abrupt end to our courses in March and never got the chance to say goodbye to you all properly.

We wish you all the best of luck in the next stages of your journey!

Mr Tisdale   Mrs Costello   Ms Kalair   Mr Baidoo   Mr Day




Mia A - Andrew D - Harry B - Heidi B - Rhianna B - Jude B - Ayisa B - Melissa C - Angelo C

Dillon C - Elysia F - Aimee G - Meghan G - Lauren H - Lucy J - Lia M - Natalie N - Anthony O

Ella P  Jayden P Daniela P - Lizzy R - Maya R - Edie R - Lucy R - Alice R - Millie S - Jennifer S

Alfie S - George T - Ben V



May B - Oliver C - Morgan H - Daisy T - Jamie S - Lewis S - Freddie R

Phoebe B - Patsy S - Twinkle P - Benji R



Jada A - Samuil B - Millie C - Lukrecija C - Lilie C - Hannah G - Courtney H

Corey M - Annie M - Konstancja N - Jake O - Evie P - Alexi P - Ellie R - Ella S

Ruby T - Hollie W - Farran W - Bowe Y - Ronny B - Jack B - Phoebe B - Mollie H

Daisy H - Sumer H - Samuel J - James K - Lily K - Millie M - Lewis O - Grace R

Sophie R - Teri S - Brogan S - Emilia S - Bobbi T



Ella-Louise S - Jamie-Leigh C - Katie S



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